• Jazz Band is an activity open only to students enrolled in either band or choir. Membership is by audition only, which determines chair and instrumentation balance. Jazz Band has the following instrumentation; saxes, trumpets, trombones, piano, bass, guitar, drums and vibes. (Students may audition on secondary instruments.) This activity is designed to allow students to explore the basic fundamentals and learn and experiment with the playing and improvisation of jazz music. The jazz band performs two concerts during the school year, participates in district and state jazz band contest, and may perform at community functions if asked to do so.

    Miss Awe is looking for the following jazz band instrumentation.

    Instrumentation includes:

    • 2-4 alto saxes
    • 2 tenor saxes
    • 1 bari sax
    • 4-7 trumpets
    • 4-6 trombones
    • rhythm section (including 1-2 of the following that will switch off between tunes) ~ guitar, piano, bass (electric or upright string bass), drum set, vibes/auxiliary percussion

    How do I audition?:

    Pick up an audition materials during your band lesson and see Miss Awe for an audition day/time and a pass.  Auditions materials will be handed out 2-3

    Notes about auditions:

    Auditions materials will include--

    • Blues scales and chromatic scale for each instrument. (Please note: ALL students auditioning for jazz band (even percussionists) will be expected to prepare these scales for their audition. Each of these scales should be performed in the swing style).
    • Selections for each instrument to prepare for the audition.

    Sight Reading will may also be part of the auditions.

    Speed is not the main focus of this audition. Please work on note/rhythmic accuracy and musicianship first. Speed comes second. A student who plays at a slower tempo, but plays everything accurately will have the "upper hand" in the audition process.

    If students wish, they may demonstrate their ability to improvise during their audition. This is not a required element, but if a student knows how, they should let their abilities "shine." Throughout the course of the school year we will be working on simple jazz improvisation skills. It is Miss Awe's goal to teach each member of the jazz ensemble to play a simple improvised solo (over a 12-bar blues pattern) by the end of the school year.

    Once auditions have been completed, a list with the members of the group will be posted on the bulletin board outside the south band room (G117) as well as on the web page.

    Any questions regarding the audition process should be directed to Miss Awe. (If you e-mail please place "jazz auditions" in the subject title). Or you can give me a call at 847-856-3661.

    I look forward to hearing everyone's audition!!

    Is there anything a student can do to help prepare for the auditions?

    Yes there is! Click on your instrument below to print a blues scales sheet.

    These scale may sound different to you. You will get used to it though.

    If you have any questions, please contact Miss Awe.

    Happy practicing!!