Woodland Inspires: Woodland's Vision for 1 to 1 Technologies

  • Woodland District 50 has been working collaboratively to develop and move to a 1 to 1 technology learning environment. We are determined to help all of our students reach their full potential. The movement of a 21st century education is not a small task, but it is our responsibility to prepare our students for a 21st century global society.

    We all believe that our students should possess strong content mastery, as well as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. This technology initiative will:

    • develop effective problem solvers
    • increase the variety of communication skills
    • provide freedom of student choice and exploration of student's own thoughts.
    • provide a personalization of learning
    • blend traditional and digital methods
    • show previous goals are more pedagogical and less technological
    • show that technology aids student skill development
    • show technology is not meant to be the primary skill learned

    Woodland Inspires Handbook English - Spanish

Chromebook Orientation Video