• Woodland 's 1:1 instructional learning environment

    Woodland district 50 is pleased to announce that our Middle and Intermediate buildings are both in a 1:1 instructional learning environment, Woodland Inspires. This past spring, the Intermediate building piloted a 1:1 learning environment with 4th and 5th grade classes. Beginning this fall, all students in grades 4-8th will be participating.

    ​A 1:1 learning environment means that each student will be provided a Chromebook to use in school and at home. A Chromebook is an electronic device that primarily gives each student access to the internet. Students will have more opportunities to collaborate, create, and take a more active part in their own education. There will be a few differences between to Intermediate and Middle School in regards to procedures and

    Students and staff will also be using Schoology, a learning management system. A learning management system allows users to create, manage, and share content and resources. The cloud-based platform provides tools to manage any classroom or blended learning environment.

    Click here, for printable copy of Frequently Asked Questions about our past Woodland Inspires pilot.
    Click here, for the Schoology parent guide. This has many Q&A features that will help you get started on Schoology.

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